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April - Isaac In Wonderland 2023

#12 April 2023: Isaac In Wonderland ( art by @carlesdalmauart )

One pill makes you larger, one pill makes you small... and the ones that mother gives you don’t do anything at all. This psychedelic shirt by @carlesdalmauart will give you a contact high and make you dance like a dead head until your head is dead. This shirt is 100% legal and includes 3 Four Souls promo cards... Pills!, Pills!, and Pills! Don't take them all at once! Oh and it has a cool sticker sheet filled with mushrooms and pills! I hope you don't have a... bad trip! heh… It would be a shame if you started seeing unsettling things… I guess you’ll just have to pull yourself out of it by looking at this completely normal Duke of Flies April Fools promo card. Nothing untoward to see here…

T-shirt: Isaac in Wonderland

Four Souls cards: Pills!, Pills!, and Pills!

Art print: Featuring the T-shirt art by @carlesdalmauart

Sticker: Pills and Mushrooms sticker sheet

Surprise bonus item: April Fools promo card (Duke of Flies... but really it’s the Bloat)

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