October - The Bloat!!!!

THE BLOAT!!!! (You gotta scream it in your best death metal growl for the full effect). To be on theme with October, this month we get dark with a death metal themed Bloat T-shirt done by the great Sawblade666! (Logo design by mishamono).

This box is so evil it features three of the most demonic items in the game-in card form: The Nail, The Mark and The Satanic bible! This box also includes a really sweet sticker I call "Deal with the Devil" by Zoe Thorogood that will no doubt make your church pastor say "You rock dude!" then do devil horns with his tongue out and waggle it around with spit splatting all over the place, then everyone in the congregation will clap.

T-shirt: The Bloat!!!

Four souls cards: Satanic Bible, The Mark and The Nail

Sticker: Deal with the Devil sticker by @zoethorogood

Art Print: Featuring the shirt art by Sawblade666

And of course a surprise bonus item!

Size: Small