Falling Deeper into Strange Nightmares

Hello friends,

Happy December, can you believe the year is almost over? And that we’re another month closer to the Sally Face: Strange Nightmares Kickstarter? Things are ramping up over here at Maestro Media and Portable Moose headquarters. Playtesting has just started, we put out the call last week on Twitter, if you didn’t see it, make sure you follow@portableMoose and@themaestroteam. We also have aMaestro Media Discord server where you can stay involved in all the news, playtesting, and fellow fan chats that are happening. We will most likely have a second wave of playtesting just before the Kickstarter, so if you want to see the game first, make sure you join.

PAX Unplugged

At the beginning of the month, Steve and part of the Maestro team traveled to PAX Unplugged in frozen Philadelphia to show the game and demo for the first time. Check out what we did:

In 2023 we will be taking Sally Face: Strange Nightmares to a few conventions as well, and we’d love to see you there. Stay tuned for more details soon!

Game Progress

With 2 months to go until the launch, we’re hard at work on the game. We’ve locked down the gameplay mechanics and Story 1, Another Dead Body. We’re furiously working through Stories 2 and 3 to ensure each story feels unique and infinitely replayable. We will be playtesting these stories soon. We’re also working on our Stretch Goal plan for the Kickstarter and have started cooking up some fun things to unlock.

You probably got an email last week asking you to sign up on Kickstarter along with what you’ve already done at Strangenightmares.com, we appreciate that many of you have. If you haven’t yet, please followthis link and do it! It also helps generate buzz for the game on Kickstarter, which means even more people joining the community and more chances to unlock Stretch and Social Goals during the campaign. This is our shameless plug, so we can continue making more games in this universe!


If you’re like me, you feel there’s not enough Sally Face in your life. We wanted to change that, so part of the Kickstarter will be the rollout of Sally Face Merch! Expect new shirts, pins, vinyl figures, accessories, plushies, and more! We love everyone here so much that we’re even offering a free Vinyl figure to everyone who backs the campaign in the first 48 hours. We’re not quite ready to reveal that majestic creature just yet, but make sure you don’t miss it, FREE MERCH!

Have a happy and safe holiday season, we’ll see you in 2023!

~ The Maestro Team & Portable Moose