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TAPEWORM Game by Edmund McMillen

The Fun New Card Game that really grows in you!

If you like fun, weird games, order Tapeworm from Maestro Media! A spatial 2-4+ player card game where people take turns building tapeworms and emptying their hands of tiles, in the form of cards

Game Includes:
80 Cards
Instruction Manual

• For ages 8+

• 2-4 players

• 30 minutes per game

- In association with Studio71



The game begins with the laying down of the starting tile of different tapeworms stitched together. The player who resembles a worm the most plays first. Each turn, players draw and lay down of matching tiles, which continues until a matching head segment is laid down, which completes the tapeworm.

The player that ends up with an empty hand first wins the game. There are special mechanics to propel a player forward, as well as cards intended to hinder the efforts of their opponents. These cards include:
Cut, to sever a worm segment at play;
Peek, to draw a card and replace it with another card from a hand;
Hatch, to force an opponent to draw from the deck;
Swap, to look at an opponent's hand and decide if cards should be traded;
Dig, to draw a card from the deck and discard one from a hand.

If a player creates a fully-connected ring of cards, it is identified as a Ringworm, and the player can discard two cards from a hand.


No, once you play a card you can only play off of that cards initial color, once that color ends and becomes another color you can no longer play cards off of it.

If you want, you can also lie for all i care :) information and how you share it is all part of your own strategy and totally legal as long as you aren't looking at other players cards without permission.

If the game has no legal ways to play a card outside of a cut, and the current player doesn't have a cut card to play, the game ends and the person to play the last card is the winner.

Yes, as long as the CUT card matches the color of the segment you are playing off of.

No, you can only play a CUT on an area where two segments touch.

No once a rainbow segment is played it assumes the color of the card its attached to.

No once a rainbow segment is played it assumes the color of the card its attached to.