May 2024 Newsletter

Hello Friends,

Welcome to the May 2024 edition of our newsletter! We missed April after a very busy month behind the scenes, which saw us expand our team’s size by 50%! Still, after the overwhelmingly positive reception to our March edition, we would like to follow it up with a retrospective on 2024 so far. Additionally, we will be looking ahead to and teasing some upcoming releases and events we look forward to in the coming months!

2024 So Far!

Our New Partner Flat River Group

A huge thank you to our new fulfillment partner Flat River Group! FRG has been incredibly efficient in shipping orders following the period of warehouse consolidation. Our partnership will carry Maestro Media and FRG to new heights in 2024 and beyond as we continue to pair with the biggest and brightest of the Board Game Industry. As a fan of Maestro, look forward to decreased average shipping times both domestically and internationally for all orders, and be on the lookout for a larger Maestro Media presence at future conventions!

DrLupo Presents: Streamer Standoff Launched!

With the incredibly entertaining DrLupo, Maestro released the hit new game Streamer Standoff! For those unfamiliar, inStreamer Standoff, 2-5 players take on the role of budding influencers in a race to 20 million subscribers. Combine content to match current trends, building your channel and gaining subscribers. The first to reach 20M subs wins!

The game’s launch was wildly successful as all advanced copies of the game sold out in just under 2.5 hours. These advanced copies of the game have since shipped to fans and we have been loving all of your positive feedback and social media posts! Pre-order now and receive your copy of the game when we ship in June!

Sally Face: Strange Nightmares Pre-Orders Launched!

In addition to Streamer Standoff, we launched pre-orders forSally Face: Strange Nightmares! If you pre-order before orders begin to ship you will get a Free Gizmo Standee and a Pair of Gizmo Cards with your order! The new cooperative tabletop game reimagines the massive award-winning video game as a fun and exciting tabletop game. You’ll work with your friends to uncover secrets and unveil the truth as you explore the Addison Apartments, working through each of the four intriguing and unique storylines included with the game, facing events and characters that echo and expand upon the video game.

The pre-orders from are now scheduled to ship in October. Our initial July shipping date has been postponed. This decision was made to accommodate the contributions of our new team members, whom you will soon meet. They have been working diligently to enhance Strange Nightmares, ensuring it reaches its fullest potential. Although we regret delivering this disappointing news, we believe in maintaining complete transparency and thought it best to announce the delay now, rather than have it come as a surprise in July. We assure you that the wait will be worthwhile, as the team is immensely proud of their work. We will update you if there are any changes to the new timeline.

The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls

In the world of Four Souls, we saw the limited-time return of excess merchandise andKickstarter Games in February! The overwhelming number of orders (thank you for your support!) led to a fulfillment delay but with the help of Flat River Group and a consolidation down from 8(!) warehouses, over 97% of orders have been fulfilled, with the remaining 3% being worked through on an order by order basis.

We also sawThe Unboxing of Isaac Excess Stock Sale which focused on (as you guessed) giving everyone a chance to purchase the remaining excess stock from the program. It has been a smashing success, with many months’ boxes already sold out since opening it up to everyone on April 2nd. That being said, an even bigger success has been the speed at which these orders are being fulfilled, with the bulk of orders being sent out within 24 hours!

Javon Went To GAMA, GDC, and Canada Plays

Everyone’s favorite CEO went to GAMA, GDC, and Canada Plays where he talked with some of the industry's elite about our current games and some very exciting IPs that we hope to sign on and create amazing games for. That is all we can say for now, but stay tuned!

Q2 2024 - A Quarter to Remember!

The Summer of Isaac!

In addition to the excess stock sale, many of you have been following Edmund McMillen’s Twitter account and have undoubtedly seen his posts about The Summer of Isaac! This Summer, we are launching three unique booster packs with various themes. Up first is the Edmund Booster Pack, which features 15 cards themed on Edmund McMillen’s past and present games. This pack will be available starting June 3rd and will become a permanent addition to our store! Be on the lookout for more information including merch drops and card reveals as the Summer event begins!

You can even get involved in the Summer fun now, by joining us onTwitter where we are currently hosting a Knockout Tournament to select the final card for a future pack!

Hello Kitty: Day at the Park Pre-Orders have launched!

Exciting news! Hello Kitty: Day at the Park officially became available for pre-order April 15th on! You can join Hello Kitty and Friends on an adventure-filled day exploring the park in this brand-new tabletop game from Maestro Media and Sanrio. Each turn you will lay a tile and collect tokens that you will use to complete adventures. The player who has the best adventures wins the game! In conjunction with this, if you order before Hello Kitty ships in September 2024, you'll receive a free Alt Art Hello Kitty Card and Standee! Don't miss out on the park fun and a special thank you to all of the Day in the Park Kickstarter backers who made this game possible.

The Smurfs: Hidden Village

The Smurfs: Hidden Village will soon be available for pre-order on! 

In this exciting cooperative game, you and your fellow Smurfs embark on a thrilling adventure. Gargamel, the evil sorcerer, has discovered the Smurfs’ secret village and they have to flee to the forest. It’s up to you to help them rebuild their mushroom village from scratch! But watch out for Gargamel, the infamous Howlibird, and his sneaky cat Azrael as they are hot on your tail and will stop at nothing to uncover your new location. To succeed, you’ll need to work together as a team, collecting resources, building inventions, and locating missing Smurfs to help rebuild mushroom houses. The Smurfs look alike, but each has a unique skill set that you must use strategically to outsmart Gargamel and his minions.

Stay tuned to learn more about the release date of the game and the exciting gift that comes free with each pre-order!

We will be at UKGE and Gencon 2024!

After having an absolute blast at UKGE, Gencon, Essen, and PAXU over the last two years, we are pleased to announce that Maestro Media will be making our third straight appearance at both UKGE and GenCon (Essen will be discussed in a later Newsletter, don’t worry!). 

At UKGE, we will have an unofficial presence featuring a fun hide-and-seek game with a member of our team to earn the new 2024 Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Convention Card. More details on this will be posted on our socials soon!

At GenCon, we are combining our space with FRG’s to take center stage in the sales space, while retaining the same table space for demos! For those of you who have visited us before, we will again be handing out promo cards if you stop by to demo or buy our games! We look forward to seeing you all there and playing some games!

Stay tuned for future newsletters announcing the other conventions we will be attending in 2024, as well as announcements on what the promo cards will be this year for each game.

That’s all for now! We will be back next month with another update! As always, please reach outhere if you have any questions. We look forward to a great second quarter this year as we continue to improve and become the best Maestro Media we can for everyone!

~The Maestro Team