We Celebrate the Life of Our Friend, Matt

With great sadness, we mourn the loss of our dearest colleague Matt Hoffman, who passed away on Thursday, January 12th.

Matt was our first hire. He was our friend. He was family. 

His commitment to the company was inspiring. He shined as our business controller and in our Kickstarter campaigns. He understood the challenges involved in creating games. He often took on the role of devil's advocate and pointed out what else we should consider in our strategies. In this role, he perfectly complemented our team. He was instrumental.

Matt was a gentle soul with a perspective that I treasured. The depth of Matt's knowledge of science, cinema, history, food and current events was outstanding.

Matt's passing is a huge loss for the team, both personally and professionally—but it's through his example that we can find our way back from tragedy toward meaning and purpose again. 

Matt, we miss you terribly. We promise to live up to your memory by continuing to create projects that matter. You’ve always inspired us to create games and products that make people feel connected to their loved ones. Your generous, curious and thoughtful spirit shines through everything we do at Maestro Media. We won’t be the same without you but we will do our best to live up to your incredible legacy.