Welcome, Friends, to our Strange Nightmares

We’re just under 3 months away from the launch of Sally Face: Strange Nightmares on Kickstarter and we’ve been incredibly busy. Here’s what’s been going on:


We’re excited to share, for the first time anywhere, more about how the game will play. Steve Gabry (Portable Moose) along with our developers Joe Brogno (Nickelodeon) and Jon Gilmour (Dead of Winter, Dinosaur Island) have been working hard to bring the spirit of the video game to the tabletop.


2-4 Players will navigate the Addison Apartments as Sal, Larry, Ash, and/or Todd; working together to investigate the surrounding mysteries. With a deep focus on story-driven narrative, players can relive Sal and friends’ adventures over the course of three stories. During setup, players will select the story they wish to play through and place the associated components and Story cards on the table. The Story cards will guide players through specific setup instructions and then the game begins!


On their turn, players seed the board with Mysteries to solve, roll dice, use their special abilities or collect Artifacts, and work through the Story and Mysteries. Gameplay is all about decision-making. Do you investigate a disappearance, but in doing so allow a dead body to fester? Do you try to distract a cop so your friend can sneak into an apartment even as a Spirit screams out from the floor above? Be careful, your decisions may just be influenced by a corruption that is slowly taking over the Apartments. You must work together quickly to reach the climax of the Story and solve the mystery before corruption overtakes you!

Come See Us!

Sally Face: Strange Nightmares, Steve Gabry, and Maestro Media will be at PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia from December 2-4. Come see us in the demo area for your chance to see the prototype of the game in action for the first time ever! Make sure you stop on by - anyone who demos the game will get a special promo sticker.


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Stay tuned for more and remember to tell your friends to sign up atStrangeNightmares.com. Sally Face: Strange Nightmares is coming to Kickstarter in February 2023. The more people that sign up before the project is live, the more explosive we can make this Kickstarter!


~ The Maestro Team & Portable Moose