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The 1st Card Game from Alex Clark

Sugar Heist is an action-packed heist game where players collect, trade, and steal candy cards. Dominate your opponents and strategically steal their sweets as you battle it out for the biggest stash of candy.

On your turn, lay down matching sets of candies from your hand and try to draw, steal, and barter for more! The more candy you collect, the closer you are to locking it safely into your Vault. Sometimes though, other players may not want to give you their confectionary treasures and you might have to play a Battle Card. Execute your strategies and plan your next move. Beg, barter, steal, and battle your way to supremacy in this wacky set collecting game.

The Box Contains:

  • 86 Candy Cards
  • 44 Battle Cards
  • 14 Vault Cards
  • 4 Crib Sheet Reference Cards
  • Rulebook

Alex Clark is a comedian, and animator behind his self-titled YouTube channel (4.3M subscribers), and Zach Craley, TV writer (Heroes Reborn, Marvel’s Avengers Assemble, and Spider-Man).

• For ages 12+
• 2-4 players
• 45-60 minutes per game
- In association with Studio71

Base Game Includes:

• 148 Cards
• Instruction Manual

• Ages 12+
• 2-4 players

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It's a fun game. Shipping time and customer service was great.


View and download the rulebook for Sugar Heist using the button below. Have Fun!


Yes, when playing a Candy Magnet or Mega Candy Magnet card you may ask for Pure

At the start of your turn you MUST stash at least 1 matching pair. If possible, you may
stash multiple pairs onto as many different vaults as you like - but you must always play
them in pairs and only during Phase 1. For example, if you have 3 pairs in your hand
and enough vaults you could stash your entire hand and draw 6 new cards at the end of
your turn. More details on how to stash are included on the Phase 1 page of your

At the end of your turn, if you have less than 6 candy cards, you may draw back up to 6
new candy cards from the draw pile. More details on drawing cards at the end of your
turn is included on the Phase 3 page of your rulebook.

It is not possible to have 0 Vaults. Battle Cards may not be played on players with 1
vault. Attacking players may only use Battle Cards on players with 2 or more Vaults.
More details on attacking players are included on the Playing Battle Cards page of your

No, you may not use a Night Raid card on a player after the MOM card is played. As
stated in the rulebook: Once you’ve played a MOM card, you cannot be targeted again
that turn.

Think of it like this: Before a MOM card is played a Night Raid cannot be MOM’d
because you are attacking the other player while they are asleep. After a MOM card is played it’s like Mom comes into the room and sticks around for the rest of that player’s turn. She would see any funny business that occurs.

• If you have 8 cards at the end of your turn, then you must choose 2 cards to discard
before ending your turn. More details can be found on the page of your rulebook for
Phase 3 in the section titled END YOUR TURN, which explains the hand limit.

• If you have less than 6 candy cards you’ll draw back up to 6 cards. If you have more
than 6 you must discard down to 6. Note that you are allowed to have more than 6 cards
at other point during the game (such as when making trades during someone else’s
turn). The only time you are required to discard down to 6 is at the end of your turn of

No, it may not. Once a MOM Card is played that player cannot be countered in any way.
The same goes for the Big Brother card. Once it is played it cannot be countered in any