Sally Face: Super Strange Nightmares

This is a Kickstarter and Pre-Order Exclusive. This Pre-order ships in October and will no longer be available after.

This is the super edition of Sally Face: Strange Nightmares, featuring upgraded components and tons of secrets! It includes four engaging stories to immerse you into the world of Sally Face.

The new cooperative tabletop game reimagines the massive award-winning video game as a fun and exciting tabletop game. You’ll work with your friends to uncover secrets and unveil the truth as you explore the Addison Apartments, working through each of the four intriguing and unique storylines included with the game, facing events and characters that echo and expand upon the video game.

You and your friends will roll dice, solve mysteries, avoid cops and spirits, and investigate strange happenings in the apartment building. You’ll always need to keep one eye over your shoulder though, or else corruption will overwhelm you as the Red Eyed Demon lurks in the shadows…

Do you have what it takes to overcome these Strange Nightmares?

The Game Contains:

  • Upgraded Components such as Glow in the Dark Dice, Extra Cards, Blank Cards, and more!
  • 4 Replayable Stories containing a total of:
  • 107 Story Cards
  • 24 Mystery Cards
  • 35 Finale Cards, 25 Item Cards
  • 15 Floor Ability Cards
  • 5 Standard and Upgraded Starting Item Cards
  • 5 Curse Cards
  • 18 Enemy Standees
  • 5 Characters Standees
  • 5 Character Boards
  • 10 Character Charge Tokens
  • 9 Floor/Location Tiles
  • 1 Corruption Tracker w/ 1 Corruption Token and 1 Consecration Token
  • 6 Ability Dice
  • 1 Insanity Die and 1 Ghost Die
  • 40 Progress Cubes
  • 1 Rulebook
  • For ages 13+
  • 1-5 players
  • 45-60 minutes per game

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