The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Big Boi Box

Return to Mom's basement with Four Souls Requiem: a vast expansion that almost doubles the number of cards in the game! With more than 260 new cards, including 20 new characters, the game has just got even bigger and even better! Take on more iconic bosses, gain many more powerful and iconic items, and mix things up with a whole host of useful new loot cards. The Requiem expansion also comes with a whole new deck: The Room Deck. Add more than 60 room cards to your game, each of which mixes up the flow of gameplay in interesting ways for new and experienced players alike. The new cards and new deck are an exciting addition and a must-get for fans of the base game! Discover even more killer combos and interesting interactions as you race to four souls, striking deals and betraying your friends on your way to victory!

Grab the new expansion and level up your collection at the same time with the Big Boi box! This awesome treasure chest that will fit all your cards, from the base game and the expansions, in one place! Also containing a D6 (complete with Isaac's face!), a D8, 100 'tainted' plastic pennies, 10 plastic nickels, a ‘tainted’ coin bag, heart and tear tokens, and card dividers to keep your collection organised, the Big Boi box will upgrade your whole Four Souls experience.

The Box Contains:

• 269 Requiem Expansion Cards

• 12 rebalance cards for your copy of The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Base Game 1st edition

• 100 plastic "Tainted" pennies, 10 plastic nickels, & a "Tainted" coin Bag

• A D6 with Isaac's face on one side & a D8

• 15 Heart Tokens & 15 Tear Tokens

• 10 Card Dividers

• Instructions

You must own a copy of The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls 1st or 2nd Edition to play Requiem.

Style: English


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james f.

i havent got it yet but seems cool