March - Hush

#11 March: Hush (art by @_SrPelo_)

Ever have those days where you wish you weren’t born? Now you can let others know how you feel and unbirth yourself into this amazing T-shirt drawn by Sr Pelo! I know it’s how I’d want to go… anyway it also features 3 gross ass Four Souls cards: Eggy, Evis, and Teratoma! The main thing missing from your Four Souls games (and, more generally, your life) was more spiders, right? Plus you can show off your love of Isaac and of not-being-born with this cool magnet! Hopefully the inside of your fridge isn’t as barren as the blue womb…

T-shirt: Hush

Four Souls cards: Eggy, Evis, and Teratoma

Art print & sticker: Featuring the T-shirt art by @_SrPelo_

Surprise bonus item: Hush magnet

Size: Large