November - Binding Pale Kid

Binding Pale Kid!

You can be a Binding Pale kid! This month's t-shirt was done by the legendary Tom Bunk ( Garbage pail kids + Mad Magazine ) and features Evil Eve! (as well as a very drained Isaac). This retro 80’s t-shirt also comes with some potty humor themed four souls cards: Number one, Number 2 and The Butt Penny! We will also toss in a sticker version of the t-shirt image because it just felt appropriate. Oh November is also Black Friday so we will be packing in a Black Market promo in this box as well! 

T-shirt:Binding pale kid
Four souls cards:
Number one, Number 2 and The Butt Penny
Sticker and Art Print: Featuring the shirt art byTom Bunk
Surprise bonus items:
Black Friday (black market) promo card and Duke of Flies air freshener

And of course a surprise bonus item!

Size: Small