Tapeworm Pink Box

This is the Kickstarter-Exclusive pink-box version of Edmund McMillen's game, Tapeworm. It includes 7 special foil cards for Binding of Isaac: Four Souls.

In Tapeworm, players race to be the first to get rid of all of their cards by connecting and growing the wriggling masses of different colored worm bodies.

Gameplay is simple but strategic. A player's turn includes the drawing and laying down of matching color segments, which continues until a head is attached or you run out of that color card. Whichever player ends up with an empty hand first wins the game.

There are special mechanics to propel a player forward, as well as cards intended to hinder the efforts of their opponents. These cards include: Cut, to sever a worm segment at play; Peek, to draw a card and replace it with another card from a hand; Hatch, to force an opponent to draw from the deck; Swap, to look at an opponent's hand and decide if cards should be traded; Dig, to draw a card from the deck and discard one from a hand.

An astoundingly easy-to-learn game of card management for the whole family that is sure to leave you holding your sides... with laughter!

The Box Contains:
• 80 Cards
• Instruction Manual

• For ages 8+

• 2-4 players

• 30 minutes per game

- In association with Studio71