The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Big Boi Box KS Edition

This is the Kickstarter Edition of the Big Boi Box containing the Requiem Expansion as well as the Warp Zones, Alt Arts, and many other Kickstarter Exclusives. This box will solve your storage issues for your 1st Edition game, boasting enough space to double sleeve all of your cards in one place, while coming jam-packed with cards you can't find anywhere else!

The Box Contains:

• 269 Requiem Expansion Cards

• 12 rebalance cards for your copy of The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Base Game 1st edition

• 99 Warp Zone Cards

• 63 Alt Art Cards

•100 Plastic "Tainted" Pennies and 10 Plastic Nickels

•D6 with Isaac's face on one side and a D8

• 15 Heart Tokens & 15 Tear Tokens

• Card Dividers

• Tainted Coin Bag

• 1 Sticker Sheet

• 2 Fake Tattoo Sets

• 1 Random Pin

• 2 Coloring Pages

• Instructions

You must own a copy of The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls 1st or 2nd Edition to play Requiem.

Style: English

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Twas exactly as I wanted. I'm so glad that they reprinted the KS cards.

Tyler R.

Exactly as advertised, though it's bothersome that it includes a card for Azazel but not Azazel, and it includes The Keeper Alt but not his item.

Angel L.

were the only cards I was missing finally have every card ever released for 4 souls. it was 2000% worth it


Love the chest ! Love the cards ! Just perfect !!

Conor W.

The product is great the box looks good but I didn't receive everything in the description. I didn't recive card dividers, sticker sheet, the two fake tattoo sets, the random pin, or the 2 coloring pages. I'm not sure what else is missing but that's what I've noticed so far.