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Three things to look for in a potential partner

Written by Javon Frazier
Published Nov 29, 2021

As someone who is in the business of bringing people’s ideas to reality, I get excited by people who have that nearly unquenchable passion for their projects, as those are the types of creatives I’ve learned are among the most successful and best to work with...

Javon Frazier of maestro media: Five things I wish someone told me before i became a ceo

Source: Authority Magazine
Written by Charlie Katz
Published Nov 09, 2021

Javon Frazier is a veteran digital strategist and entrepreneur with two decades in the media and entertainment industry specializing in development and worldwide expansion. As the founder and CEO of Maestro Media, a first of its kind full-service strategic product and business development firm, Javon works with creators and fellow entrepreneurs to deliver...

"Binding of isaac" tabletop game publisher partners with global reach

Written by David Bloom
Published Oct 12, 2021

Maestro Media – which had a massive $6.7 million Kickstarter campaign for its latest spinoff project based on PC title The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem – is partnering with international consultant All About Games to distribute and localize the tabletop game beyond an initial 11 languages...