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Extremely satisfied, no missing product or damage. An extremely fun all be it unbalanced card game.

Twas exactly as I wanted. I'm so glad that they reprinted the KS cards.

Very fun game and the shipment was well packaged!

Good, company struggles to ship everything together

Fun game, I suggest playing with 3 or more players. With 2 players, you can end up in a stalemate for minutes on end.

It's a little poorly translated which can be confusing in some descriptions, but it's a good game.

At first I thought a few reviews were exaggerating when they said that the plush was stiff, but no, it’s actually really firm. Firm but still soft. You can use it as a pillow if you really wanted to (or throw it) and it’ll hold its shape just fine.

Overall, feels pretty firm but is still soft and well made.

It’s cool. A little big to have on your keychain all the time, but it’s a good decoration. Any Binding of Isaac fan should get this as something small on the side.

Good print, good fabric. My only complaint is the hem stitching at the bottom is unraveling.

Soft, print is the good kind so it'll last long w/o flaking or cracking off

Sally Face: Strange Boxes - Box 7
Finnick I.

It's my new favorite shirt I am so happy with it!

Delivered promptly, kept up to date with shipping and the product is great! One of the comfiest hoodies I've ever worn, become my daily hoodie!

Mom's Charmed Heart Card
Simone C.


I really love the art! Long time favourite classic’s mashup. The color is cool, deep greyish green. The quality is also great. I would say the t-shirt is a little bit longer than I am used to.

Shipping Protection
Nicolas F.


Mom's Charmed Heart Card
Jason A.

helps balance the big mobs

Amazing quality fabric, new favourite hoodie
Really like how the graphic is applied
Fantastic product, super happy

The Binding of Isaac Lost Plush
Nico F.

it arrived it perfect condition! Was a lot bigger than I expected and the quality is amazing!

I like the pins mostly dry baby